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The best training and communication ever. Sent my Belgian Malinois for improved obedience training. 6 weeks and she came back a entirely different dog. Absolutely the best investment I could have made for our family and dog.


Lora came out of her way to train my Akbash puppy at my home for living with goats. She not only trains the dog, but the owner. It is important to train a dog like mine at a young age since he is not even one yet and bigger than most full grown men. Without Lora's guidance he would have been a danger to others. Now he is my sweet guardian and best friend.  


Lora does a great job training dogs. She's trained 2 of my dogs, each with different temperaments. She trains to the dog and the owners. Her boot camps are very cost effective. She spends time going over the training after the boot camps and is available afterwards if there are questions. I highly recommend Lora and Windy Ridge K9,"

                               - Daniel

Jack and I have been working with Lora for about a year now. Lora is clear and precise with her training of dogs and people. Jack received his BH this May and now we are working on his IPO1, We always have a great time out on the training field. Thank you Lora for all you do!


My animals had the best time with Lora. My daughters Chihuahua was treated like a princess! My Husky loved the attention that was given to her. She loved it so much she seemed a little sad to be home. She loves Lora!! Our Great Dane mix also loved the space and attention. I loved that Lora sent us updates on how our fur babies were doing and answered all of our questions! She is truly an amazing individual! We don't trust anyone else with our animals. She treated our animals like they were apart of her family. Lora is worth every penny and more! Her knowledge about dogs and the health of  our animals and what we should be doing with them to better their life span is out of this world! I am so thankful God put Lora in my path. Thank you so much Lora you have been a blessing to my fur babies and my family!!


Awesome Trainer . I have trained with her and she is Wonderful with the dogs. She has helped me so much with my own training and dogs. Great person and family.


Lora did an amazing job of working through our furbaby's anxiety issues and helping him to obey under all circumstances. He's quicker to listen, follow commands and focus. I would highly recommend Windy Ridge K9 for anyone needing a firm foundation of discipline in their dog!


Lora is amazing! She did a great job training my boy and me. I highly recommend Windy Ridge K9.


"Lora's dedication to her work is never-ending. She is so positive, not only about her work but also in the belief she shows her dogs in their ablitiy. She is truly the new Dog Whisperer. Our furry friends need understanding people to accept them and above all, show them love. Lora displays these attributes and I truly believe God has chosen her as an ambassador to show people how wonderful our dogs are. Thank you is only a small way to let her know how much I appreciate her dedication." 


Lora Nix is a terrific person and I love the way she trains the dogs AND the owners!!! I wish I lived closer like before. I still can’t believe what a few hours of training did for me and our sweet Taz. It was such a huge change from what we had been dealing with and we got so many compliments on his behavior after that! If they would’ve only seen him before Lora they would’ve been shocked he was the same dog! Lora Nix you are such a sweet person and I appreciate your dedication to helping all of us on our quest to be good pet owners and to have dogs that others can enjoy! Thank you!!!


I have known Lora for a long time and she is a very dedicated, hard working woman. She connects with animals, like I have never seen and I just love to watch her talk to and train her dogs. Lora is also a Naturopathic Doctor and when she had her clinic she gave 100% to her patients: she does the same with her canine business. Lora has worked with dogs since she was 14, so I would say she knows dogs!

Lora works with a lot of dogs with problems and I have yet to see her fail with any of those dogs. She is always able to solve the problem and help the dog, or the owner.

I do not know how you raise a family and run a business Lora, but you do it very well. I love you and your family and wish you all the best in the future. You are a good Christian woman and God is first in your life, and this is why you are successful.


Lora has done it again!

Years ago I sent Bravo to Lora, he was an out of control bratty boy. His favorite pastime was drive by nipping and ignoring me. Lora turned him into a happy and obedient IPO dog who loved his work, especially tracking. Since then, I've trained Joy and attained many titles including BH and several AKC obedience titles. Joy is an easy dog and always willing to learn and please, so I'm not new to working with dogs. And then came Tiger! I just couldn't find a way to work with her and get thru to her. She's been my "problem child" She has a very different learning style than any dog I've ever owned. Within a few weeks Lora was able to get through to Tiger, develop a training style for her, and created another eager learner. We now have a way forward. most importantly Lora is a humane trainer! My dogs love Lora, they are so happy to learn new things, and then when they come home, they are confident, relaxed and want to continue to work.

When I picked Tiger up, Lora spent many hours explaining how to work with Tiger, what works with her and what doesn't and why. She demonstrated exactly what to do, and pointed out all of the things I was doing correctly and more importantly explained what I was doing wrong and why. I'm ready to do our homework and feel confident that Tiger and I can finally become team and get on with our homework. 


Lora Nix is extremely knowledge dog training in various types of training. From show dogs, home protection dogs, and services dog's and much,much more. Lora has taken my Jetta which came from a show line and has trained her in a obedient service dog. Jetta came to her with a lot of problems ,and was over a 19 months old ,Unfortunately, she was untrained in regular obedience work ,much less service work. But Lora has changed all that taking an older German Shepherd and has turned her into a masterpiece. I highly recommend Lora Nick for any kind of training that you're needing from your dog regardless of breed, Lora Nix can do it!

My sincere thanks to Lora and Windy Ridge k9.

             -Patrice Drake

Neeko loved staying with Lora!


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